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Eat Yourself Slim

 Eat Yourself Slim is the book that helped me the most.  
						   	I will post the long version RSN :), but the basic thing
							is that I have a large family history of heart problems and diabetes.

							About May of 2002, I started changing the way I ate to approximate
							the pattern in the book. 

							From a LDL of 147 to LDL 120 was 4 weeks, purely on diet.

							I added Flax oil, and in 3 weeks my LDL was at 93.  

							I also lost 20 + pounds and am still losing weight.

							I eat almost everthing I always ate, and find it easy to stay with the
							plan.  No expensive foods, just balancing what I eat.

							The basic structure is simple. 

							1.	Eat equal amounts of Protein and Carbohydrate
								2.	Eat more low glycemic carbs, and less high glycemic carbs.

								You have to do both to have maximum effect on the blood chemistry 
								we care about.

								Do not use artificial sweetners - ( google.com for aspartame to see why. )
								I will post links to the research around these issues as I have time.


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